ReelBob: Indy Film Fest: ‘Inside a Volcano’ ★★1/2

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By Bob Bloom

Nothing inspires like an underdog sports story. And while “Inside a Volcano” is that kind of tale, it fails to rise to the level that will stir passions or imagination.

The movie, part of the 2017 Indy Film Fest that runs from July 13 to July 23, tells the story of the Icelandic National Team, a football squad that has not had much success in tournament play.

The movie follows the team in its improbable clime to the Euro Cup 2016 finals.

The movie concentrates more on the backgrounds of the various players as well as their camaraderie, than on the actual matches.

If you are not a fan of football or are not familiar with the players, the movie will not resonate as much as it will with the avid football fanatic.

“Inside a Volcano” does touch on the pride and enthusiasm that the people of Iceland take in their nation team.

Many of the team’s players earn a living playing for professional teams outside of Iceland, which speaks to the international reach of the sport.

Icelandic players are scattered throughout Europe — from Wales to Italy — performing in the sport they love and have to devoted their lives to playing.

Yet nationalism always brings them home to unite as one.

The film delves into the personalities of some of the players and their love of the sport, their fans and — most importantly — their homeland.

“Inside a Volcano” follows a blue-collar team without some of the advantages of bigger and wealthier teams.

The movie showcases the intangibles — the heart, determination and spirit that made this team a winner against overwhelming odds.

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2½ stars out of 4
Not rated