New to View: Feb. 14

By Bob Bloom
The following Blu-rays and DVDs are being released on Tuesday, Feb. 14, unless otherwise noted:

The Edge of Seventeen (Blu-ray + DVD + Ultraviolet)
Details: 2016, Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Rated: R, sexual content, language, drinking involving teens
The lowdown: Hailee Steinfeld gives a powerful performance as Nadine, an unhappy teen battling self-esteem and sibling issues, in this coming-of-age dramedy.
Nadine is a morose, neurotic, cynical and socially awkward individual. She perceives every bump in the road as a calamitous event. She is very self-centered, viewing everything solely on how it impacts her.
Yes, “The Edge of Seventeen” is a comedy, but it also is, at times, painful to watch. Nadine often is unreasonable, and you feel as if you want to smack her.
But Steinfeld brings such a vulnerability and openness to the character that you simultaneously want to hug and comfort Nadine.
This is one of the best movies of the year, a feature that should not be missed.
Technical aspects: Blu-ray: 1080p high definition, 1.85:1 widescreen picture; English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and English 2.0 DVS Dolby digital; English SDH and Spanish subtitles; DVD: 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen picture; English 5.1 Dolby digital and English 2.0 DVS Dolby digital; English SDH and Spanish subtitles.
Don’t miss: Deleted scenes and a gag reel comprise the major bonus components.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (Blu-ray + Ultraviolet)
Details: 2016, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Rated: R, war violence, sexual content, language, drug use
The lowdown: Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee helmed this story of a 19-year-old soldier, Billy Lynn (Joe Alwyn) who, along with his comrades in Bravo Squad, become heroes after a ferocious battle in Iraq.
They are brought home for a victory tour to celebrate their courage.
The film, told from Billy Lynn’s point of view, uses flashbacks to reveal the contrasts of war vs. the nation’s distorted idea of heroism.
Kristen Stewart costars as Billy’s sister. The cast also includes Chris Tucker, Vin Diesel and Steve Martin.
Technical aspects: 1080p high definition, 1.85:1 widescreen picture; English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and English 5.1 Dolby digital audio description track; English SDH, English and Spanish subtitles.
Don’t miss: Bonus materials include a behind-the-scenes featurette that looks at how Lee composed the film, a featurette on assembling the cast, a look at creating the movie’s halftime show, deleted scenes and a featurette on the boot camp experience of the Bravo Squad actors.

Quarry: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray + Ultraviolet)
Details: 2016, HBO Home Entertainment
Rated: TV-MA, violence, language
The lowdown: This Cinemax series, set around Memphis in 1972, centers on Mac Conway, a Marine who returns home from Vietnam, and finds himself shunned by those closest to him and demonized by the public for participating in an unpopular war.
Conway soon finds himself involved with a criminal known as The Broker, who draws the veteran into a world of killing and corruption that is as long and wide as the Mississippi River.
Conway, code named “Quarry” by The Broker, soon finds himself, against his better judgment, as a member of The Broker’s crew, which soon has dire consequences for himself and his wife.
Technical aspects: 1080p high definition, 1.78:1 (16×9 enhanced) widescreen picture; English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, French 5.1 DTS digital surround and Spanish DTS digital surround; English SDH, Dutch, French and Spanish subtitles.
Don’t miss: Extras include behind-the-scenes interviews with crew and cast members, commentaries, deleted scenes, music videos, the love letters between Conway and his wife, a featurette on recreating 1972 Memphis and a look at the music of Memphis.

Killing Reagan
Release date: Feb. 7
Details: 2016, Fox Home Entertainment
Rated: Not rated
The lowdown: Tim Matheson stars as President Ronald Reagan and Cynthia Nixon is featured as his loyal wife, Nancy, in this National Geographic channel adaptation of Bill O’Reilly’s best-selling book.
The movie focuses on how Reagan, after being shot by John Hinckley Jr., overcame the traumatic experience of a bullet coming within an inch of his heart and continued to carry out the duties of his office.
The film covers the 1980 presidential campaign, the challenges facing Reagan after the assassination attempt and the downward spiral of Hinckley that led to his desperate act.
Technical aspects: 1.78:1 widescreen picture; English 5.1 Dolby digital; English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles.
Don’t miss: Bonus options include featurettes on Matheson playing Reagan, Nixon playing Nancy Reagan, a look at the historical accuracy of the film, a behind-the-scenes featurette with O’Reilly, a featurette on the costumes and a look at the Reagans close bond and their love story.

The Passion of the Christ (Blu-ray + digital HD)
Release date: Feb. 7
Details: 2004, Fox Home Entertainment
Rated: R, graphic violence
The lowdown: Mel Gibson directed this brutal, but powerful and compelling story about the final 12 hours in the life of Jesus.
Jim Caviezel as Jesus and the other actors speak Aramaic, Latin or Hebrew, depending on their characters.
This Blu-ray features the theatrical and recut versions of the movie.
Plus, for the first time, English and Spanish audio tracks are included.
The movie drew much controversy upon its release. Now you can check it out determine your feelings for Gibson’s interpretation.
Technical aspects: 1080p high definition, 2.40:1 widescreen picture; Aramaic/Latin/Hebrew 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, English and Spanish 5.1 Dolby digital and English 2.0 descriptive audio; English SDH and Spanish subtitles.
Don’t miss: Extras include commentaries, biblical footnotes and a music commentary, all on the original version of the film.

Dynasty: The First Season
Release date: Feb. 7
Details: 1981, CBS DVD-Paramount Home Entertainment
Rated: Not rated
The lowdown: This prime-time soap opera was initially dismissed as a “Dallas” rip-off, as it dealt with a wealthy family that was involved in the oil business.
The show, set in Denver, dealt with the trials and tribulations of the Carrington family, headed by patriarch Blake Carrington (John Forsythe).
In the initial episode, Carrington marries his former secretary, Krystle (Linda Evans), much to the chagrin of her former lover, as well as Carrington’s adult children.
Various double dealings, betrayals and romantic complications, as well as business challenges, confront the Carringtons in season one.
Technical aspects: 4:3 full-screen picture; English and Spanish Dolby digital monaural; English SDH and Spanish subtitles.
Don’t miss: Extras include interviews with Al Corley about his Steven Carrington character and Pamela Sue Martin about her Fallon Carrington Colby character as well as a featurette and a behind-the-scenes look on the creation of the series.

Other Blu-rays and DVDs being released on Tuesday, unless otherwise indicated:
Five Nights in Maine (FilmRise-MVD Visual Entertainment)
King Cobra (Blu-ray) (IFC Midnight-Shout! Factory)
London Town (IFC Films)

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Race into Velocityville (Nickelodeon-Paramount Home Entertainment)
Down on the Farm (Ruthless Studios-MVD Visual Entertainment)
The Powepuff Girls: Tiara Trouble (Cartoon Network-Warner Home Video)

Bad Santa 2 (Broad Green Pictures)
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (FandangoNow)
Doctor Strange (FandangoNow)
Rules Don’t Apply (Fox Home Entertainment)
The Blackcoat’s Daughter (A24-DirecTV, Feb. 16)

Coming next week: Manchester by the Sea
Nocturnal Animals
Bad Santa 2

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